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Is a premiere acting studio located in Baltimore County. Classes, coaching, production, demo reels, and team building is offered by award winning actor Max Hambleton. Our mission is to make Baltimore actors better, and bring more production to the state of Maryland by showing off the caliber of artists in our community. 

Check out reviews of Max as an actor and a teacher:

"Max has an amazing power on screen, while still remaining natural. I reference the work he did with me on Dot Ave, even today when I need to hone a performance to be laser-sharp and realistic. He’s a great actor!"

– Ethan Frank

"I've watched Max work as an actor, a director, and a coach. His ability to communicate and build confidence in others is like none other."

– Austin Pendelton, HB Studios.

"Revolver (actor) Max Hambleton makes his vengeful psychotic and recovering user seem like two different actors"

–  LA Times

"Max Hambleton has no problems portraying the bossy, bullying Jessie"

–The James Wegg Review for Rubber Duckie

"Theft of Imagination ends up relying overly on the charisma of Mr. Hambleton and his character's outside-the-box thinking."

-Show Showdown.

2010 - present
2010 - present
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