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Private, public, and government organizations have chosen to work with Max Hambleton & AWM Studios because of his unique insight and tools derived from the business and acting/improv worlds. Learning how to use connection, empathy, and group intelligence will allow you to get the best from your staff while leaving them feeling valued and respected. At the end of the day you get the best from people not from money or perks, but from their belief that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

Promoting a Culture of ‘Yes’

Turning Your Team into an Ensemble

You’ve probably read or heard about all the money that is lost by companies that don’t use or value their “human” capital. Every year, US companies lose up to:

  • ​$190 billion due to stressed-out workers according to a study by Forbes.

  • $550 billion due to the 70% of employees who are disengaged according to this American Workplace Report.

  • $11 billion due to employee turnover according to Forbes.

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‘If it weren’t for my background in Acting & Improv, I wouldn’t be as good of a boss’.


While Max has a strong background in Acting & Improv (Max studied with top acting & improv teachers and performed thousands of times) he also has an extensive background in business. In just the last 10 years Max has built 4 companies from the ground up, the most successful of which employed 55 people and grossed $4.2M a year. 

'I really don't think it was brilliant ideas. And it certainly wasn't lot's of startup capital, because we had none. Our success came because we had staff that believed in us and in each other.'

'It was a good problem to have, growing to a $3.5M business in a few years. But morale suffered as we onboarded dozens of people in a few weeks. We had to get people trusting in themselves, their co-workers, and our organization as a whole.'
Max Hambleton

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Team Building

Promoting a Culture of ‘Yes’

Turning Your Team into an Ensemble

In a single 3 hour session, Max will use his unique skillset of improv and business to help your team with:

- Collaboration and Communication
- Trust-Building
- Overcoming Adversity
- Encourage Spontaneity & Idea Building

and HAVE FUN doing it.