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Demo Reel & Film Production

Whether you're ready to finally have a demo reel so you can start getting auditions, or want to shoot your film, commercial, or company industrial, AWM Studios will provide everything from an expert crew with high quality lighting and camera equipment to location scouting and casting so you can rest assured that your on-camera goals will be met with the highest production quality in mind. 

We offer the following services:

Demo Reel Production    Writing    Casting    Location Scouting    Set Design    Producing     Directing    Actor & Crew Lodging    Shooting Locations

Making Your Demo Reel

Demo Reels are written, shot, and edited specifically for our clients. This means that not only will you shine on camera, but you'll have completely original and unique film to share with your Agents and Casting Network.

1 Scene or Commercial: $550

2 Scenes or Commercials: $750

3 Scenes or Commercials: $950 

4 Scenes or Commercials: $1,150

*All demo reels are written, shot, and edited specifically for you. Once finished you will have a high-production, quality reel that you can be proud to show agents and casting directors. 

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2010 - present
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