Adult Scene Study Class


In this Scene Study Class with Max Hambleton you will learn the 4 Cornerstones Of Acting and be able to incorporate that craft into scene work. Perform the greatest scenes from film, theater, and television in front of the class. This is a MUST for anyone who wants to start auditioning or is ready to immerse themselves in acting. 

Saturdays 1-4    $200 Per Month

Acting & Improv 12-15


This Acting & Improv Class for Kids ages 12 to 15 with Melissa Malan we will be on finding comfort and confidence with our voice and movement. Developing concentration and imagination in order to do better on stage and in life. Commercial and scene work is done every week.           
                      ***Begins July 7th***

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 PM    $180 Per Month

Acting & Improv 8-11

Acting Photo_edited_edited.jpg

This Acting & Improv Class for Kids ages 8 to 11 with Melissa Malan we will have a BLAST learning the basics of acting and character as well as developing commercial technique through fun-based improv techniques that are a MUST for young actors. Building confidence and learning to be comfortable with your own voice and body on set, or just in school is the other core mission of this class.
 ***Begins July 9th***

Saturdays 12:30-2 PM    $160 Per Month

Acting & Improv 5-7


This Acting & Improv Class for Kids ages 5 to 7 with Melissa Malan we focus on fun improvisational games that build concentration, imagination, and confidence. The kids will develop their voice and movement, and even create characters in short form scene work and learn to use their voice and words with confidence. These are skills that all kids need but will also be a foundation for those who go on to pursue acting more seriously. 
      ***Begins July 9th***

Saturdays 11-12  $130 Per Month

2010 - present
2010 - present